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Shopify is one of the best platforms to create your online store. Our goal is to make your experience on Shopify even better by creating great apps that help you sell more.

We want our apps to stand out. That’s why we strive to give you only the highest caliber of features and services. 

Cost Effective

Apps that get the job done shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We try to price our apps fairly so that you feel like you’re getting a great value.

Seamless Installation

We try to make the app installation process as smooth as possible so that you can get up and running without a major hassle.

Fully Supported

When you download our app, we become a partner in your store’s success. We are ready to help with any issues along the way.

Our Apps

Some of our apps are completely innovative, while some are better versions of what’s already on the market. In either case, we want to give you nothing less than the best.

TASK JACK is an innovative app that gives you a dashboard on your Shopify store to submit development tasks and get a quote on what it would cost our experienced team to complete them. From the dashboard you can manage your task requests and follow along as work progresses on them. The app is free to download and the quotes are also free.

QUANTITY BREAKS is a great app for setting up special pricing for customers who order an item in bulk. You can set up a bulk discount by a fixed dollar amount or a percentage on an individual product, a collection, or across the entire store. While there are many similar apps on the market, our app was developed to run smoothly in the background.

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